Cased Hole Perforating Services

GR/CCL Perforator

Compatible with all types of detonators, igniters and firing modules and with Hunting EBFire® and ControlFire® perforating switches

Durable CCL for repetitive perforating operations Integrated shock sub for additional tool protection Hardened CCLs constructed with Alnico 5 magnets

Patented shock protection technology allows for construction of gamma perforators with larger, more sensitive scintillation detectors

Designed to operate at +50VDC

Available in both negative fire and dual fire configurations

Sizes range from 1-11/16 in. (42.9 mm) to 3-1/8 in. (79.4 mm) OD with a variety of configurable options

Construction with Geiger-Muller detectors optional


Hollow Steel Carrier




Geo Dynamic

Perforating Charges

Strip Guns

Oriented Perforating

Hunting’s DC-MOT (Magnetic Orienting Perforating Tool) positions zero phased perforating guns to perforate a string of pipe without hitting the adjacent strings of pipe in the same well. It is ideal for wells completed with multiple strings of tubing or for control line avoidance when perforating externally wired casing.


Circulating Charges

Pressure Actuated Firing Head

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