Safety Theme


Safety Theme

Complete Wireline Solutions, is committed to leadership in Health Safety and to the Environment. In making this statement we are committed to demonstrating to our employees that their participation is critical and necessary to a detailed, well maintained Safety Culture.

Safety is a responsibility shared equally, and without exception, by everyone within our company. All employees will be held accountable for not only their own safety but also the safety of any person who might be affected by the results and consequences of their actions; as well as the impact that those actions may have on the environment. The following behaviors will ensure the Safety Theme is realized:

Clear Expectations

Make Safety priority, follow all Safety Rules, Procedures and Best Practices.

Effective Communication

Communication both verbally and written will support the effort for performance monitoring and continuous improvement.

Personal Leadership

Leading by example and praise Safe Behavior, having the courage to do the right thing and never tolerate unsafe behavior. 

Risk Awareness

Be aware of your surroundings, remain alert to changes and never put yourself or someone else at risk.

Authority/Obligation To Stop The Job

Challenge any unsafe behavior, act, or condition.Welcome intervention from others.


Accept personal responsibility for your actions and their associated consequences. Offer solutions to prevent recurrence. Follow the rules that are in place to keep you safe.

Encourage & Sustain Safe Behavior

Start each day with Safety at the forefront of your tasks. Practice Hazard Recognition 
consistently. Report all “Safe” and “At Risk” behaviors witnessed each and every day.

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