Slickline Services

Shifting Tools

BO Selective Shifting Tool 

Rollers Stem

Slickline Roller Stem

Specialized Roller Stem for Highly Deviated Wells

Eline Roller Stem

Gas Lift Work

CWS offers complete gas lift services for oil and gas wells

Daniels KOT




Paraffin Cutting

CWS offers a wide array of paraffin cutting tools. Contact CWS today if you need help cutting paraffin.

Dump Bailing

NEO Non Explosive Bailer Bottom

NEO Positive Displacement Bailer Bottom

Locating & Packing off Holes & Leaks

Hole Open Sleeves

Please contact Complete Wireline Solutions for a customize Open Hole Sleeve design for your well.

Wireline Retrievable Safety Valve Installation and Inspection

Below you will find services for Wireline Retrievable Safety Valve Installation and Inspection by Complete Wireline Solutions.

Chipping Deposits


Power Hammer

Complete Power Unit X-tended Stroke (CPU-XS)

Complete Power Unit Xtended Stroke (CPUXS) is a unique electro-mechanical downhole setting tool, capable of delivering up to 90,000 lbs. of linear force, which can be used to pull crown plugs of varying sizes. CPU-XS is conveyable via slickline, digital slickline, electric line, coiled tubing, drill pipe, work string or tubing.



  • .092”
  • .108”
  • .125”
  • .092” 
  • .108” 
  • .125” 
  • .140” 
  • .150” 
  • 3/16” 
  • 7/32” 
  • 5/16” 
  • 7/16” 

Timed Line Cutters

Below you will find timed line cutter services offered by Complete Wireline Solutions.

Mechanical Line Cutters

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